About Us

Hello Baby-Fashionistas, my name is Isolynn Gurley and Double M Boutique was created in mind for my daughters, Maliyah and Malaysia. With their ideas and input and my focus on creating them a legacy, we choose to start a boutique that has affordable, yet fashionable clothing for kids. Although Maliyah, who is outspoken, and Malaysia, who tends to be quiet and observant, are both very different, the one thing that they seem to have in common is trying on my jewelry, clothes, and shoes. At Double M Boutique, we will provide clothes and accessories for both boys and girls. We hope to make every child feel confident and look runway ready in a matter of seconds while managing to not dig a hole into their parents pockets. Take the time out to scroll through our website, I'm positive that there will be more than one item that your child will love to have in their closet. This is our promise to you. Thank you for all the support and happy shopping. XO, Isolynn, Maliyah, and Malaysia